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Our Staff

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, P.T., BSc, MSc,DPT, FCE Certified

A licensed physical therapist that has been in private practice in Oak Lawn, Illinois for over ten years. He works extensively with patients with orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, and neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

In addition to conventional forms of therapy, Dr. Mohamed uses advanced manual techniques for which he has received extensive training, including Trigger movement re-education and Craniosacral Therapy.  Dr. Mohamed studied extensively EMG and NCV at Rocky Mountain University of Health Profession doctorate of science track. Dr. Mohamed has been performing EMG and NCV studies for over 5 years.  Dr. Mohamed is also experienced with ankle and foot physical therapy and has been providing treatment to one of the leading research based ankle and foot surgeons in the Chicagoland area. Sub-acute and post surgical rehab has been the emphasis of his practice for the last 5 years.
Dr. Mohamed graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Cairo University, Faculty of Physical Therapy.  In addition, Dr. Mohamed earned an Advanced Masters of science in Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Profession in Provo, Utah in 2001.  Since 2010, Dr. Mohamed is a doctor of physical therapy from Rosalind Franklin university of health profession, Also did postgraduate studies in  electrophysiology; he worked as a staff physical therapist, senior therapist and assistant unit supervisor at United Rehab Providers outpatient physical therapy clinics. Since 2000, Dr. Mohamed has been in private practice for over 14 years.


Yousef Sayed, P.T., BSc, MSc, DScc, FCE Certified

One of the founding partners and General Manager’s for United Rehab Providers, as Clinic Director of our locations; his primarily clinical duties are shared with administrative responsibilities in the practice. As a founder he and his partner established the high level of clinical expertise and the deep commitment to patient care.

Mr. Yousef earned a BS in Physical Therapy in 1989 and advanced Master of Science in Orthopaedic physical therapy in 1995. Currently he is enrolled in the PhD degree at Nova South Eastern University. After over 80,000 treatments and too many Continuing Education courses in Manual Therapy to list he is considered a master clinician and is a resource for other staff members. Mr. Yousef’s clinical expertise is held in such high regard that many physicians and physical therapists from other organizations come to him for treatment.


Khaled Gad,  P.T., BSc, MSc, FCE Certified

Graduated from Cairo University 1991. He earned masters in science in 2000 from Rocky Mountain University of Health Profession in Provo, Utah.  He offers many years of  strong  experience from working at Orthopedic Rehab.


Moatzz Mohamed, P.T., BSc, FCE Certified

A physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in treating orthopaedic and sports medicine cases.  Mr. Mohamed also specialized in treating patients with foot and ankle problems.  He has an experience with geriatric care with special programs for posture, balance and fall problems.  Mr. Mohamed is a co-founder and owner of United Rehab Providers physical therapy clinics with 5 locations over the Chicago land area and Indiana clinic.  Mr. Mohamed is the clinical director and the manager of Park Ridge and Commercial office.

Moatzz Mohamed has a bachelor’s degree of physical therapy from Cairo University.

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