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“EXCELLENT”  By: Jack M.


“I love this place. Everybody is extremely professional and pleasant. I could get my therapy closer to home or work. But I like these people best.”  By: Frederick P.


“Very thorough and professional. I had received poor treatment elsewhere that had caused my injury to worsen. He seemed to understand the situation and outlined a treatment plan that seemed adequate. I look forward to more visits here and hopefully gradually regaining full use of my arm.”  By: A Verified Patient


“This is the most well organized (managed) doctor’s office in Cook County. No waiting, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff, miracle workers—I’m healed! I recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you!”  By: A Verified Patient


“Ahmed and all the staff were good to work with. It made my healing much more enjoyable. I feel as though I have made a new set of friends and feel almost sad that I finished with treatment. I would definitely recommend your facility to a friend. Thanks for your care and concern during my treatments.” By: A Verified Patient


“I was a bit skeptical about PT but this experience has made me a believer. IT DOES WORK! The staff is not only friendly but helpful and knowledgeable. I have not only improved physically but am motivated to continue the path of “smart” exercise. Thank you—”  By: A Verified Patient


“The staff at this clinic has made me look forward to coming. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes the exercising pass so quickly. This is my second set of therapy sessions and will be my first choice should I need therapy in the future.”  By: A Verified Patient


“Having used several PT clinics in the past—this clinic staff is far above any other place that treated me in the past. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Thanks to the Gym staff for understanding and keeping me going!”  By: A Verified Patient

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